Men's dress

The headdress in Oman is very important. Men wear a round cap or a cashmere kerchief. On the long vestment -- the "dishdasha" -- many Omanis have a perfumed tassle.

Omani man wearing a khanjarNo man in Oman goes outside without a headdress. It is composed either of a round cap, called kumma, a cashmere kerchief, the massar, or of an combination of both, whereas the massar is wound over the kumma.

The long vestment is called dishdasha and has three typical attributes: It has no front pocket, from the collar dangles a tassle which is perfumed, and thirdly they are available in all imaginable colours, not only in white as in the Emirates or Saudi Arabia. Under the dishdasha is worn the wizaar, which is is copious and airy, and covers the legs.

Many Omanis don their decorative dagger, the khanjar, any time they dress up, not only for festive occasions. The covering in black or brown, called bisht, which seems like a coat is in contrast only for formal events and on the front it has a golden border.

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