Dhofar - an oriental wonderland

The region Dhofar covers a third of the country. The mountains of Dhofar are the home of the frankincense trees. During the monsoon, from June to August, the region turns lush and green, wrapped in a heavy fog and drizzle.

Dhofar mountains after monsoon

It’s impossible to make a spur of the moment visit to the province of Dhofar., with its endless gravel plains, which merge in the West into the largest sand desert in the world, the Rub al Khali, or Empty Quarter.

Faced with this vast, barren region, it’s hard to believe that somewhere beyond the horizon there is a fertile country, which, in the summer, when the rest of the country has become a furnace, is shrouded by the khareef in mist, accompanied by a cooling drizzle. It is a region whose gently rolling hills have a lush greenness that brings to mind the alpine meadows of Europe. The sight of cows and camels grazing side by side and waterfalls tumbling over rocky precipices heightens the air of unreality.

As if this were not enough this wonderland boasts trees, from the bark of which constantly drips gold – gold in the form of a precious resin. This must be the fabled Arabia Felix, happy Arabia! The mountains of Dhofar are the home of the frankincense trees. All attempts to cultivate them artificially have failed. Besides frankincense, Dhofar is famous for a number of fragrances, creating mixtures of fragrances utilizing myrrh, rose and sandalwood.

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