Religious Coexistence

Today a large number of followers of various religions are found in Oman, where the state guarantees freedom of religion. Missionary activities are forbidden to all religious communities, including the Islamic.

Catholic Service in Muscat, Oman

Throughout history members of other faiths were found in Oman: Jews, Christians, Hindus and others. Due to principles of religious tolerance their presence was accepted in the past centuries, and they were not discriminated against because of their religious affiliation, even in the times of the religious state, the Imamate.

Christian churches of various denominations are found in Muscat and Salalah, and temples for Hindus and Buddhists as well.

The Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs is responsible for the various religious communities in Oman. It consciously promotes dialogue and discussions among the religions with the aims of raising awareness of commonalities, and of strengthening the shared bonds of morality and justice.

The film "Religious Tolerance in Oman" offers a glimpse into the diverse religious life found in Oman.

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