Michael Dickinson

Michael Dickinson Arabia Felix Synform GmbH Munich GermanyProject Manager - with more than 30 years experience in tourism, as tour guide for Europe, travel agent and tour operator. He holds American citizenship.

Michael's university and professional studies in German Studies, European History and International Relations -- and travel in more than 65 countries -- have provided a solid foundation for his later development as a specialist for Eastern Europe and now the Sultanate of Oman. Since he already is fluent in the main European languages, Arabic and Swahili are current areas of study.

He also worked on various film productions; as a location manager in 9 countries for the "New 7 Wonders" project, and the German made-for-tv movie Traumschiff episode: "Honeymoon Bermuda."

For ARABIA FELIX synform, Michael is working as a consultant for special projects relating to Oman, currently coordinating the exhibition schedule for the international project "Religious tolerance - Islam in the Sultanate of Oman."

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