Oman exudes inner calm, composure and an openness to what is foreign; these characteristics offer a great incentive not only to travel around unknown Oman but also to really experience the life there.

Camel at Mughsayl beach in Dhofar Oman
The culture of Oman lacks all grandeur, arrogance or brashness. But it is just this which makes the country such an unusual destination for a journey, giving the visitor the chance to escape the world of hectic activity and striving and to once more feel human, to appreciate the world with sharpened senses. To be in Oman is to see colours and to smell scents, to sense the horizon, to physically experience extreme contrasts, to get the feeling of losing oneself in unending landscapes.

Travelling in Oman you should always be prepared for the unexpected. If you go through the land with your senses alert, not constrained by the corset of a too-rigid itinerary, but allowing yourself the leisure to encounter the small, apparently trivial things in daily life, then the country will make its own unforgettable impression on you.

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