Women’s dress

There are strong regional differences in colour, material and style regarding women’s dress.

Omani women in Muscat, OmanOmani women mostly wear trousers, the sirwal. It is wide and loose-fitting at the top, at the ankles tight. There it is richly adorned with stitchery and a zipper makes it easy to get out.

Above this she wears a chemise, the kandoura, which reaches to the knees. It is also adorned and matches the trousers.

In the region of Dhofar this chemise, which there is made of heavy velvet, reaches to the ankles and behind it even draggles.

Regarding the kerchief, the lahaf, the variations in size, colour or pattern are almost unlimited.

Many women in the cities of Oman wear the abaya, that notorious black cape, over brightly-coloured clothes but the face is not veiled.

Bedouins and some women at the coast and in cities wear a mask, the burqa.

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