The Origins of the Ibadhiyah

Jabir bin Zayd was the founder of the Ibadhi school in 93 nH (711 AD). Born in Nizwa, Oman, he later went and settled in what is now Basra, in Iraq. In spite of the distance he continued to remain in close contact with his home country. The Al-Muhallab and Al-Azd tribes both supported him in the creation of this school.

Mosque in Nizwa

After the bloody confrontation between the fourth caliph Ali and Muawiyah (the first Ummayad caliph, from which later developed the Shiite and Sunni schools of jurisprudence), it was decided by Abd bin Al Julanda that Oman would not follow either of these schools, and initially Oman remained largely independent of Umayyad rule. However, due to military attacks attempting to coerce submission, the Al Julanda dynasty was forced to relocate to Africa, and as a result, a center of political resistance against the Umayyad rulership developed in Oman.

After various historical and religious developments the "Ibadhi school" was formed. Oman was one of the most important areas of the Ibadhi school, in addition to Basra in Iraq.

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