Christiane Mueller and Kerstin Mueller

Selfdrive Tour and Guided Tours, January 2011

Dear Herr Popp,

I regret to inform you, that you made a huge mistake: you forgot to stop the clock! and now, unfortunately, it's all over. Otherwise I can offer no criticism

Thank you so much for the perfect organisation of a truly successful trip that I will always fondly remember. Starting with the good combination of different impressions, and the good tour guide; then not knowing if this highlight surpassed the previous one, to the endearing people in a stunning country; but above all, I enjoyed the perfect organization which guaranteed everything ran smoothly.

Even when we missed our flight to Salalah, due to the relaxed holiday atmosphere, there were no problems at all. None of the locals ever stared at us in reproach; they would just fix whatever needed it in a friendly manner

We were well treated or well advised everywhere, by MarkTours, but especially by Georg Popp. Once again, thank you so very much.

The colors and facets of Oman have a permanent place in my heart. It was certainly not my last time there. And because I've made so many local friends, I wonder if you would book only a return flight for me .... ?

With kind greetings,

Christiane Mueller and Kerstin Mueller

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