Laura and Philip

Self drive Tour, December 2011/January 2012

Dear Herr Popp,

we'd like to thank you for the excellent organization of our Oman trip. We had 10 glorious days in this fantastic land.

From the charming "Oman House" in Misfah al Abreen surrounded by the impressive mountain backdrop, and the desert experience at the Nomadic Desert Camp, to the perfect finale in the Naseem Hotel in Muscat -- all of the accommodations were super.

Thanks to your organization we invariably got the best rooms, and in general the name "Popp" was the perfect door opener throughout the country.

Often we had the feeling that we were not checking in to a hotel or guesthouse, it felt more like we were visiting friends.

Oman is an incredibly exciting destination. To see how this tradition-rich country is being led into modern times without sacrificing its dignity and history is really impressive - even more so when one enters via the Emirates and experiences the contrast of the artificially glittering worlds of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

You were absolutely correct in what you told us before we left: that despite all the impressive natural beauty, despite the interesting symbiosis between tradition and modernity - the greatest thing in Oman is simply the people.

Never before we were welcomed so friendly as tourists as in Oman. One always feels safe and welcome - and not just because of the money that you are spending in the country. No, the pleasure and the interest of locals in the visitors is (still) genuine.

Hopefully, the Omanis can keep that attitude for a long time. For us, it was certainly not the last visit to Oman. Also, next time we'll rely on your travel tips and your organization again.

Philip and Laura

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