Family Bott

Selfdrive Tour and Guided Tours, December 2011/January 2012

Dear Frau Popp,

It was a wonderful trip. Crossing the desert in our own jeep was so intense, thank you for advising us to do this instead of letting the Bedouins drive us.

Rashid, the operator of the Nomadic Desert Camp was a great guy -- he helped us a lot. And also both of the Bedouins, who accompanied us through the desert. One drove the car of a couple of other German tourists, and one drove ahead in his own car. The night camping -- only stars!

A pity but the sea turtles were not in the mood to be seen, but staying at the Shangri-La made up for it.

The time of year was exactly right. We were then also in Nizwa and from there we drove around in the mountains. Adventurous. But what stands out the most is the peace and quiet, and the hospitality of the Omanis.

We certainly want to go back there, possibly even this fall. "Inshaalah."

Best regards to you and at least 3 men at Arabia Felix.

Family Bott

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