The Necropolis of Bat

The northeastern hinterland of Ibri is rich in prehistoric sites. The majority date from the 3rd millennium BC and belong to the Hafit and Umm an Nar civilisations.

Bienenkorbgrab bei Bat, Oman UNESCO WeltkulturerbeIn the 1970s a team of Danish archaeologists discovered, north of Bat, a settlement with a necropolis, a highly important find. It turned out to be the largest known site from the Umm an Nar period in Oman and, together with al Ain’s beehive tombs, it has been added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

The thousands of beehive tombs scattered over the mountain are further important witnesses to this period. They form the largest known necropolis from this time.

The most impressive collection of relatively well-preserved beehive tombs are in the neighborhood of Al Ain some 23 kilometers beyond Bat. Twenty one of these tomb constructions are strung like pearls over the mountain range before the impressive backdrop of the Jabal al Misht.

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