Hotels at the Batinah coast

The Batinah Coast is a fertile plain extending between the Western Hajar Mountains and the Gulf of Oman. It runs along the sea for 400 kilometers with a width of 10 to 50 kilometers. It is the vegetable garden of the Sultanate. Many forts built in this area protected the local population from invaders, coming over the sea.

The Batinah coast with its palm groves and long beaches is becoming ever more developed for tourism. Here are some of the most beautiful forts in the region, like those in Barka, Nakhl and Rostaq. And its closeness to the capital, Muscat, makes it possible to make a day trip as a break from the beach life.

The islands off the coast are uninhabitated and are nature conservation areas. Some of these are ideal areas for diving.


Al Nahdha Resort OmanIn the middle of an old mango plantation sits the
Al Nahda Resort & Spa***** at Barka

Sawadi Beach Resort OmanFor friends of diving and water sports we recommend the
Al Sawadi Beach Resort****

Sohar Beach Hotel OmanDesigned to resemble an Omani fort is the
Sohar Beach Hotel****

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