Hotels at the western Hajar mountains

Terraced fields on steep slopes, grand canyons and gorges, idyllic mountain villages, imposing forts and palaces -- the area surrounding Nizwa and Bahla and the region of the Jabal Akhdar massif offers numerous worthwhile sights. Centuries ago the cultural heartbeat of Oman was felt here.

The flanks of the 3000 meter high western Hajar mountain range offer an insurmountable natural stronghold. Here people were safe from attacks by invaders coming from the sea.

Anyone wishing to conquer these ramparts today can ascend the well-marked trekking paths to breathtaking viewpoints in dizzying heights on both Jabal Akhdar and Jabal Shams. Those wishing to reach the pinnacle more easily may do so by 4WD auto.

At the foot of the mountains Nizwa, Jabreen and Bahla developed into culture centers, serving for centuries as the land's capital.

Oman House in Misfat Al Abreeyn, OmanIdyllically situated in the mountain oases Misfat Al Abryeen is the Oman House.

Sahab Hotel Djebel Akhdar OmanOne of the most beautiful hotels in the country with a spectaclar view is the Sahab Hotel**** on the Jabal al Akhdar.

Djebel Akhdar Hotel OmanLess spectacular situated but more cheap is the
Djebel Akhdar Hotel***


Jabal Shams ResortOptimaler Ausgangspunkt für Trekkingtouren auf dem Djebel Shems ist das Djebel Shems Resort.

Falaj Dariz Hotel Nizwa OmanA good middle class hotel not far from the centre of Nizwa is the Falaj Dariz Hotel****.

Al Diyar Hotel Nizwa OmanAlso close to the city centre of Nizwa but more more simple is the Al Diyar Hotel**.


Golden Tulip Hotel NizwaLocated about 20 kilometres from Nizwa in direction Muscat you will find the Golden Tulip Hotel Nizwa****

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