Hotels in the centre of Oman

The central region has only some bays and the flat plains with sparse vegetation. That's why it doesn't really offer a reason for a longer stay. The only hotels worth mentioning are located along the main road to Salalah.

Kamel in den Kiesebenen zwischen Nizwa und Salalah

If you cross through the interior of Oman on the 1000 kilometre long asphalt road to Salalah, some rest houses and smaller hotels do exist, but they are also often booked up because they function as accommodation for the workers of the oil companies in this region.

Next to these hotels there is always a gas station, a repair shop and a food shop.

- Al Ghaba Resthouse

- Al Ghaftain Resthouse

- Hayma Hotel

- Quitbit Resthouse

We recommend driving straight through from Nizwa to Salalah.

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