Hotels and camps in the province Sharqiyah

Most accommodations of the province Sharqiyah are situated along the main roads of that region. Whoever wants to intensely experience the beauty of the mountains and the desert should be willing to book an overnight stay in one of the camps, even when they may offer a different standard of comfort than the most modern hotels.

The province Sharqiyah offers many interesting sights for visitors and is characterized by extreme contrasts: here the sands of the Wahiba desert stretch out to the waves of the Indian Ocean and to the eastern Hajar mountains. Old settlements in the oases line the ancient camel caravan route from Sur to Muscat. During summer thousands of sea turtles come to the beach to bury their eggs in the warm sand.

Sharqiyah Sands HotelApprox. halfway between Muscat and Sur is the Sharqiyah Sands Hotel*** in Ibra.

Nomadic Desert CampThe Nomadic Desert Camp provides an authentic desert experience.

../content/img/xarabnights.jpgOr enjoy the comfort of a  luxury hotel in the desert
as offered by the Desert Nights Camp****


Al Ashkhara Youth HotelVery spacious and comfortable is the
Al Ashkharah Youth Hotel***

Sur Plaza HotelThe hotel with the highest standard in Sur is the
Sur Plaza Hotel****

Zimmer im Sur Beach Hotel OmanSituated on the coast is the
Sur Beach Hotel***

Simple but nice, situated on the lagoon at Ras al Hadd is the  Turtle Beach Resort


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